Not Work*

*It is work, but it doesn’t feel like work. You know?

Project M

I’ve been a part of Project M since 2009. What a ride! Project M is an immersive program for creative people who are already inspired to contribute to the greater good and are looking for a platform to collaborate and generate ideas and projects bigger than themselves. Project M has held workshops in the US, Iceland, Germany, and Costa Rica.
It’s no lie that it’s shaped my professional career. Below are projects and sessions I’ve been a part of.

A Better World by Design

Since 2009, I’ve been facilitating a number of workshops and panels at A Better World by Design in Providence, RI. Since 2010, I’ve been helping the upcoming BWxD board committee on how to “think wrong” in creating the next conference. I’ve given a number of talks as well, most recently, the opening remarks during the 2014 conference.

Side Projects

Designers can’t stop making. Here is a list of my side projects.
Other side projects include…

Makers Club

I organize Makers Club SF every month. Makers Club is for people who enjoy making things. Artists, designers, architects, illustrators, typographers, filmmakers, photographers, programmers, everyone is welcome. There is no agenda, it’s not for recruiting, the point is just to meet, talk, and drink with other people. Join us!

Design (Fucking) Thinking

A slightly absurd survey at all the “different” approaches to Design Thinking. Please note that this is not an anti-design thinking blog.


A personal project, UnplugYou is a practice in unplugging from the distractions of updates, phone calls, and full inboxes. It is a movement that encourages distance between us and our digital devices.


My documentation of old, eclectic, and sweet RVs in San Francisco.