Since 2009, I’ve enjoyed working with startups, non-profits, schools, conferences, businesses, and other groups think wrong to come up with solutions that will make a huge impact in unexpected ways using design and creativity. I’ve worked with people within industries such as; tech, health, food, social enterprise, education, civic engagement.

Think wrong?

Since my involvement in Project M in 2009 and being the first hire at Future in 2011, I’ve incorporated the think wrong process into my work and life. It’s this process that makes my work, my creative approach, and my advise to others unique which helps those I help standout.
Sometimes you’re stuck on a problem and you’re so close to your project that you can’t seem to come up with a better solution. It’s easy to tackle different creative problems the same way, but that simply produces similar results. Boring.
Thinking wrong helps you let go of your regular processes to come up with unexpected solutions. It helps you break your synaptic connections that keep you from coming up with unique and more innovative solutions. I bring thinking wrong into my consulting work when necessary.

During the last few years, I’ve used thinking wrong to help;

+ A financial service company develop easy-to-understand resources for customers to make better financial decisions.
+ A small student-led design conference reconsider how they can grow, offer, and produce an even more engaging conference year after year.
+ A design thinking consultancy company help better position themselves to their clients by overhauling their website.
+ Expose musicians to a unique creative practice to help them develop the business and marketing skills needed to be a successful musical act.
+ Two Bay Area innovation studios create unique facilitation and creative practices in their workshops.

Some of the topics we can discuss

+ Idea to Execution

I’ve been known to take ideas and turn them into something much more. I had the idea of riding cross-country on a bike before I turned 30 and created The Alabamboo Make & Ride to do so. I did the same with another side project called Confidence. Let’s see how I might be able to help you break down your idea into small bets and move forward on executing it.

+ Design Thinking

Want to understand the Design Thinking process? I can walk you through this process by using real examples based off of my previous community-based projects. I’ll answer specific questions you have on how you might want to apply Design Thinking to your work and life.

+ On Career Transitioning

Recent design school graduate or a mid-career professional looking to get into the design field? I help people of all ages and backgrounds transition from college/their current job into the design profession.
Since 2011, I’ve taught a Transition to Professional Practice class to seniors in the graphic design department at two design schools. We cover topics such as; marketing and presentation skills, job search and interview techniques, and the development of portfolios (traditional and digital) along with self-promotional materials.

+ Design Feedback

Need feedback on your latest design piece? We’ll go over what works, what doesn’t, and what could be better.

+ On Productivity

Being your own boss is great in many ways, but sometimes it can be a challenge—keeping to your own schedule, meeting deadlines, and maximizing your time effectively. I’ve used quite a bit of methods and practices since 2008 that have helped me create a more effective and personal workflow while balancing other things in life. Let’s chat about your work day and how I can help you take full advantage in your energy, productivity, and workflow.

+ On Collaboration

Working with a team on a project? Experiencing some road bumps? I know a thing or two about working with others. Let’s chat so I can help you set goals, understand personality traits, define roles, determine milestones, choose tools to accomplish any team project.

These are just a few topics I cover. Happy to learn more about what you are working on. Schedule a free 30 minute call with me to see how I might be able to help.


“Just finished a great session with Marc and am feeling so inspired/ready to dig in to the action steps that we talked about! Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for clarity and a more defined vision for their projects, and am so glad we connected.”

Jessie Artigue
(Taken from popexpert)

“I highly recommend booking time with Marc – it will be an inspiring and creative session. He’s got a wonderful ability to facilitate “aha!” moments and can help you break through some creative barriers.”

Emily Spade
(Taken from popexpert)

Ways we can collaborate

+ One-Hour Session

Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next? Need simple feedback from someone with a fresh perspective?
Let’s chat about your new or current idea or project and next steps that will help you move things forward.
This hour-long call is a great way to share your idea with me and get feedback or new ideas that will have you walking away with key insights and actions steps.

+ Four Pack Session

Sometimes an hour isn’t enough. Let’s go deeper. These four one-hour sessions will allow us to spend more time on ways we can make your project or idea the best it can be.
I’ll provide you with an online note-taking system to better ensure our time together is focused and productive.
Book the first session now and we’ll schedule the rest of our sessions during our first call.
If you book the Four Pack Session now, I’ll throw in a 5th session at no cost.

+ Workshop Planning

Want to run a workshop with your team yet unsure how or what to focus on? I can help you plan the structure, exercises, and “nuts & bolts” of how to effectively run a workshop to get the results you need.
We’ll prep for two hours and have an hour debrief after the workshop. You’ll get access to the tools and practices that I use during my workshops along with action steps on implementing ideas from your workshop.

Interested in collaborating on a project? Schedule a free 30 minute call with me to see how I might be able to help. If we both think it’s a good fit, we can proceed from there.