How might neighbors in one part of a city share and encourage other Flint residents living in different areas to use volunteerism to better their parks?

Design for Good was a 3-day workshop offered at the University of Michigan Flint. The goal of the workshop was to explore the role of how design could create positive change in a community. We worked with Image Flints Artist-in-Residence, Eric Hinds on a project to re-imagine Flint’s urban green spaces.
Over the course of the workshop, a group of participants (community members, students, faculty and staff of the university) were exposed to various exercises and practical design methodologies that were used to create BBQ FLINT, an opportunity in “building better parks with dogs & dialogue.”
We launched BBQ FLINT to help build a framework for Flint residents to share knowledge, tips, and ideas on what makes a strong community—a strong community that can come together and organize around a local need, in this case, up-keeping their nearby park. BBQ FLINT can be a framework that can be replicated by other Flint residents and the parks they live near.
The concept for BBQ FLINT was used by Eric Hinds in his proposal for the Flint Master Planning Process.

Co-Facilitated with Ben Gaydos and Julia Yezbick
Flint, MI
May 2013