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How might local and national designers, civic leaders, and SCAD students engage with local residents of Waters Avenue to transform a stock of decrepit buildings into a source of wealth, well-being, renewal and pride?

I was fortunate enough to be a Design Voice during the Design Ethos 2012 Do-ference. I co-facilitated a weekend workshop with Mike Weikert and Liz Ogbu on housing revitalization along the Waters Ave corridor at Design Ethos 2012.
Info about our workshop topic, Empowering Renewal
“Many residents within the Waters Avenue study area fear that even with an influx of resources and attention to the Waters Avenue business district, the sheer quantity of derelict residential buildings in the blocks surrounding Waters Avenue will hinder a healthy residential revitalization. With so many homes vacant and falling apart, neighbors feel threatened by the decay, and by the crime that such derelict homes can foster. How can a burden be transformed into an asset for the community? Within the choices of demolition, renovation, and deconstruction, how can design facilitate the transformation of of decrepit building stock into a source of wealth, well being, renewal and pride for the local residents?”
We produced BLOCKLab, an outlet that provides tools, skills, and knowledge for sharing and empowering residents to beautifying their own block on Waters Ave. Renew. Block by block.
I also presented The 3,000 mile Idea, a talk on how the Alabamboo Make & Ride came from an idea to a real world project the sustainable bamboo movement in Alabama.

“I had the pleasure co-facilitating a workshop with Marc. He demonstrated a great ability to skillfully shape and guide the workshop. He also brings a wonderful level of creative thinking through exercise like the ‘think wrong’ activity.”

Liz Ogbu, Designer, urbanist, and social innovator, co-facilitator at Design Ethos

Sponsored by the SCAD Graphic Design Department, Design Ethos 2012 is an invitation to those who say designers should be talking less and doing more. We’re opening up a world of opportunity for those who’d prefer to engage their skills during a conference, rather than just their ears.

Design Voice and Presenter
Co-Facilitated with Mike Weikert and Liz Ogbu
Savannah, GA
April 2012