MiddCORE is a mentor-driven, experiential-learning program that builds skills, creates opportunities, and expands networks for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

Core strengths of MiddCORE include; Leadership, Collaboration, Strategic Thinking, Persuasive Communication, Financial Literacy, Negotiation, Crisis Management, Idea Creation, Design Thinking, Aesthetics and Visual Communication, Networking, Empathy, Ethical Decision Making, Failing Forward, Self-Awareness.
The purpose of these workshops is to introduce the students to the Design Thinking process. Covering the principles and practices of this creative process, students apply what they learn to real-world challenges, working directly with clients on coming up with unique solutions to business opportunities.

Tahoe Food Hub
@ Sierra Nevada College

How might we identify and develop unique opportunities that will elevate a food-to-market program and brand for the Tahoe Food Hub to ensure future sustainable growth?

“Marc O’Brien has been a wonderful mentor in MiddCORE, Middlebury College’s leadership and innovation program. His expertise in design-thinking, creativity and non-linear thinking helped our students reframe strategic challenges and approach problems in entirely new ways. He is also easy to work with and quick to adapt to each audience’s needs.”

Jessica Holmes, Professor of Economics, Director of MiddCORE

Universal Music Group
@ Middlebury College

How might we monetize UMGs older catalog music into a more reliable income stream while also attracting new customers?

Facilitator / Mentor
Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV
Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT
June 2014 & January 2015