Types of Workshops

Beyond my more long-term workshops engagements with clients, I also facilitate a variety of one-off workshops that cover a range of topics from productivity to collaboration. Examples include;

+ On Design Thinking
Yet another Design Thinking workshop, but with some fun tweaks added to this process you won’t get at the d.school.
+ On Collaboration
Learn how to manage the collaborative process and overcome pain points that come up from time to time, such as missed deadlines, miscommunication, and toxic team members.
+ On the Creative Process
The creative process is never linear nor is it prescriptive. Learn new ways to generate ideas, come up with unexpected solutions, and see problems in a different way.
+ On Facilitation
There is a lot more to running a workshop than you think. We go over the nuts and bolts along with the soft skills one needs to facilitate a successful workshop.
+ On Productivity
Personal productivity workshop for freelancers, independent contractors, and creative professionals covering a range of topics such as routines, schedule, apps to use, and advice on how you make the most out of your day.

Want to learn more about my workshops? Interested in doing one of these workshops?