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(Design) Education

Whether teaching in High-Ed, using various alternative education platforms, or creating my own projects, I create opportunities, projects, and tools that expose and guide the next wave of change-makers to the take an idea and make it live in the world.

Secret Project

A new immersive, cross-departmental program at California College of the Arts.

General Assembly : Visual Design

Helping teach the Visual Design course at General Assembly in SF.

Hey! What’s good in ___?

A resource guide for creative people who want to learn about what good is happening in their city and ways to contribute back.

Social Good Guides

How might we educate the next wave of change-makers to achieve success during the startup phase of their social enterprise?


How might personal stories and advice from individuals on the topic of confidence help others ignite the fire in their bellies to take their first step to work on meaningful projects, both big and small?

Collaboration for Creatives

An online class on collaboration focusing on the different methods, steps, and potential pitfalls a team might encounter while working together.

Creative Execution: From “Aha!” to “Oh, yeah!”

Taking an idea out of your sketchbook and make it live in the world.

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Kind words on (Design) Education

“Marc is so generous—with his time, his energy, his creativity, and his smarts. The students and faculty at California College of the Arts have benefited tremendously from his fresh perspective, and I am thankful that he has joined the CCA community.”

Rachel Berger, Chair & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, California College of the Arts

“Our program and university were lucky to have had the privilege of having Marc as an adjunct faculty. He took naturally to teaching and gave way more than was expected. He cared about each of the students and personally went out of his way to ensure that they were learning the skills necessary to become designers today. He created challenging projects, creative projects, and brought real world wisdom into our program. He is an excellent educator and facilitator, super creative, and inspiring.”

Jason Dilworth, Assistant Professor at SUNY Fredonia, Alabamboo Make & Ride team member

“Marc became a mentor to my students during our project together. He even took the time to check in with us over Skype several times well after his part of the project was completed. I would have him return every year if I could.”

Heather Boone, Associate Professor at Visual Arts Center at Tidewater Community College