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Design Strategy

Using today’s resources, I approach business from a design perspective, determining the assets needed and the actions required to be implemented—actions that will turn heads and grab people’s attention like a naked guy walking down a sidewalk.

Pando Populus

How might we create a platform for people who care about big ideas and the Earth—to create an ecological civilization?

Future Project Expedition: Iceland

What type of project will a group of cyclists invent as they take a worm’s eye view in a foreign land and push the limits of their impact through extreme physical, intellectual, and creative challenges?

Also in Creative Facilitation

The Alabamboo Make & Ride

How might a cross-country bike ride help promote a new, sustainable, bamboo industry in hopes of building up a local southern economy?


How might we open source bike knowledge to empower individuals to make their own decisions and learn what they need to have full control of their transportation?

(blank)LAB and the ENGAGE/TRANSFORM Fall Tour

How might we bring people together within their own communities to learn and share skills with their neighbors?