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How might we bring people together within their own communities to learn and share skills with their neighbors?

In June 2009, I was a participant in Project M South. My M session lasted four weeks. During that time, my group produced (blank)LAB.
(blank)LAB is a bare bones mobile studio bringing designers and communities together. The studio engages with the communities it visits in order to foster creative collaborations. The conversations that will naturally occur when disparate groups are introduced, possibly for the first time, will be the catalyst for design projects meant to foster positive change. The first engagement (blank)LAB facilitated was the ENGAGE/TRANSFORM tour.

Participant / Project M’er
Greensboro, AL
June 2009



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During the fall of 2009, we toured through three cities and engaged with over 200 people, creating a national database of change-makers.

I was one of the truck drivers for (blank)LAB. During the fall of 2009, we drove to A Better World by Design in Providence, RI, AIGA’s MAKE/THINK in Memphis, TN and the ACSA/NCAA conference in St. Louis, MO. The idea behind the E/T tour was to create a network/database of change-makers to be used for projects in various areas around the country. We signed up participants who agreed to do something meaningful with their lives and to use their creative skills to help push their own communities forward.
All good things must come to an end. Our truck broke down after leaving St. Louis, MO. Below is a video we made for our Kickstarter page to help us raise funding for repairing our engine. Even though we made our Kickstarter goal, the engine turned out to cost more in repairs then originally quoted. It’s safe to say that (blank)LAB is on hold indefinitely.

Truck Driver along with Joseph Shipp and Brian W. Jones
Providence, RI. Memphis, TN. St. Louis, MO.
September–November 2009