How might we create a platform for people who care about big ideas and the Earth—to create an ecological civilization?

Pando Populus is a new platform at the intersection of big ideas and the ecosphere. It’s a forum that challenges basic assumptions of the modern industrial world and propose ecological alternatives. It invites philosophers, artists, educators, and others to rethink civilization by engaging conversations, events, and initiatives that break down silos to widen and deepen collaborations to solve the problems we face.
Working with a number of collaborators including Eugene Shirley, John Bielenberg, and Tucker Nichols on how to use design to bring the Pando Populus idea down to earth.
This is an ongoing project. Stay tuned!

More on Pando Populus

Video by George Adams & Eugene Shirley.

“Marc was been absolutely key in helping to take the idea of Pando Populus and move it to its current stage – involved in everything from strategic and visual development to various collateral. In every way, he has helped move Pando forward in unique and bold directions.”

Eugene Shirley, Co-founder of Pando Populus, Filmmaker

Design Strategist
Summer 2014 – present