Hmm. OK. I get it.
You and your team have a problem you want to solve or a goal you want to reach, but you’re stuck.

Perhaps you’ve run into a creative rut. Or your team doesn’t have the confidence in their ideas. Or you need to launch a new product or service but unsure on ways to make it stand out.

Whether it’s internal or external challenges or goals, I can help you and your team come up with innovative, fun, and actionable solutions. Design is my tool of choice. Let’s see what we can build together.

As a Design Strategist and Creative Facilitator, I focus on social innovation, human-centered design, and purpose-driven initiatives that create positive change in the world.

I work with people that give a damn. I use design and creativity to help organizations big and small make huge, meaningful impact in unexpected ways.

Three ways I collaborate with people

1. Produce and facilitate workshops
I create custom and topic-based workshops for people to rapidly prototype ideas based on challenges they are wanting to solve.
2. Design
With a background in web and graphic design, I bring ideas to life, whether it’s designing solutions from workshops or collateral for clients.
3. Strategy & Implementation
An idea is only valuable if it’s out there for people to see and act upon. I use unique and fun methods to help share ideas.

Whether it’s one or all of the above, I’m happy to contribute in any way I can.

Some of the people I’ve helped

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Testimonials from clients and colleagues

“Marc is multi-faceted, multi-modal, and multi-disciplinary. I turn to him when I need to think wrong and do right. You cannot fail in collaborating with him.”

– Josh Silverman, Designer and Entrepreneur

“Marc was a pleasure to work with, collaborative, creative, professional and always looking for ways to generate the best outcome. He understands the innovation process at a deep level, and how best to unlock the creativity of groups.”

– David Hodgson, Founder of Hummingbird Labs

Ways we might collaborate

You have a new product or service and want to come up with a competitive advantage to make it stand out from the crowd.
If you’re interested in bringing in more creative, disruptive thinking and problem solving within your company.
You’re tired of traditional, off the shelf “brainstorming” methods and need something different and unique to move forward.

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News / Updates

(As of May 2016)

+ Giving the opening talk at AIGA SF’s Portfolio Day 2016. Super excited!
+ Representing both GOOD SF and Secret Project during SF Design Week.
+ Secret Project was accepted to the AIGA’s Frontier conference.
+ Heading back to Taiwan in June for another Secret Project Blitz.