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What I Do

As a Social Designer and Creative Facilitator, I produce and lead creative workshops that
focus on creating positive change while tackling some of todays gnarly social challenges.
Through a series of playful exercises, I help people come up with fun, unique, and
innovative solutions to those challenges. I then take those ideas and design
them, whether through quick prototypes or more flushed out visuals.

+ Produce

Create environments perfect for collaborative love making, guaranteed to get people “in the mood” to share their ideas with others.

+ Facilitate

Encourage people to get out of their comfort zone to rapidly prototype ideas based on conversations and exercises implemented during workshops.

+ Design

Take ideas off of Post-It notes and visualize them to build excitement and momentum around new concepts.

+ Strategy

Launch projects using today’s resources that will turn heads and grab people’s attention—like a naked guy walking down a sidewalk.

+ Think Wrong

Break synaptic connections and move beyond biases to generate lots of potential solutions to challenge the status-quo.

+ Contribute

Offer consultation, advising, and feedback for those that want to take their idea to the next level.


A few of my collaborative projects and workshops have been featured in a number of publications and blogs.



Need help figuring out what’s the “naked guy” in your project?

I love working with startups, non-profits, schools, and the like. If you’re looking for an independent contractor in
creative facilitation, design, strategy, or consulting feel free to reach out.

Kind Words

Testimonials from workshop participants, colleagues, and collaborators

  • Jason Dilworth<br />Assistant Professor at SUNY Fredonia<br /><a href="" target="_self">Alabamboo Make & Ride team member</a>

    “Our program and university were lucky to have had the privilege of having Marc as an adjunct faculty. He took naturally to teaching and gave way more than was expected. He cared about each of the students and personally went out of his way to ensure that they were learning the skills necessary to become designers today. He created challenging projects, creative projects, and brought real world wisdom into our program. He is an excellent educator and facilitator, super creative, and inspiring.”

    - Jason Dilworth
    Assistant Professor at SUNY Fredonia
    Alabamboo Make & Ride team member
  • David Hodgson<br />Co-Produced <a href="" target="_self">EdgeLab: Catalyze</a>

    “I worked with Marc on a project to design and run an innovation workshop. Marc was a pleasure to work with, collaborative, creative, professional and always looking for ways to generate the best outcome. He understands the innovation process at a deep level, and how best to unlock the creativity of groups. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him.”

    - David Hodgson
    Co-Produced EdgeLab: Catalyze
  • Heather Boone<br />Assistant Professor at Visual Arts Center,<br />Tidewater Community College

    “Marc became a mentor to my students during our project together. He even took the time to check in with us over Skype several times well after his part of the project was completed. I would have him return every year if I could.”

    - Heather Boone
    Assistant Professor at Visual Arts Center,
    Tidewater Community College
  • Liz Ogbu <br />Scholar in Residence<br />Center for Art & Public Life, CCA <br />Facilitated together at <a href="" target="_self">Design Ethos 2012</a>

    “I had the pleasure co-facilitating a workshop with Marc. He demonstrated a great ability to skillfully shape and guide the workshop. He also brings a wonderful level of creative thinking through exercise like the ‘think wrong’ activity.”

    - Liz Ogbu
    Scholar in Residence
    Center for Art & Public Life, CCA
    Facilitated together at Design Ethos 2012
  • Brian W. Jones<br />Project M Advisor<br />Founder of <a href="" target="_blank">Welcome</a>™

    “I’ve worked with Marc in several different capacities, from co-leading workshops to run-of-the-mill design projects. Marc’s always energetic and ambitious with a “get shit done” attitude. He can really motivate a group of creative individuals looking for inspiration and get you to question everything you thought was right. FSU.”

    - Brian W. Jones
    Project M Advisor
    Founder of Welcome


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16 April

Unplugging & Confidence

Posted in Updates
Unplugging & Confidence

Some things I’ve been up to the last few weeks.